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I am committed to keeping this site review focused. My passion is the reading of books, not trying to sell you a product.

Revenue from my blog is generated through Google Adsense – please feel free to click on these ONLY if they are relevant, or if they annoy you, swap to using Google Chrome as your browser and use Adblock. I also have some affiliate links, although these are sporadically tagged onto my posts. If you want to fund my book habit through buying novels, there are a couple of neat ways to do so.

If you use Chrome
Amazing Affiliate Link!
If you add this Chrome extension, then go to Chrome’s Extensions Options (you can click the little icon that appears or go through settings), you can enter my Amazon link code – rossrev0e-20

If you use Firefox
Amazing Affiliate Link!
If you add this Firefox extension, then go to Firefox’s Add-on Options, you can enter my Amazon link code. It only works for half the links, but half is better than nothing!
– rossrev0e-20
If you use Safari
Amazing Affiliate Link!
If you add this Safari extension, then go to Safari’s Preferences, you can enter my Amazon link code (after removing all the other affiliate links the extension comes with).
– rossrev0e-20
That way, whenever you shop on Amazon (even linking from outside my blog), the referring credit will come to me, at no extra cost to you.
My side bars and headers are available for authors wanting to directly approach my readers to purchase or investigate novels. Preferably, I would have read and reviewed the book first, but this is not always possible. Please contact me to find out more.
Disclosure policy: Cookies may be collected in order to customise your advertising experience. I must include this policy by law.

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