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thecallofagonfrontcoverTitle: The Call of Agon

Author: Dean F. Wilson

Release Date: 19 February 2013

Publisher: Dioscuri Press





Ifferon is one of the last in the bloodline of the dead god Telm, who mated with mortal women, and who imprisoned the Beast Agon in the Underworld. Armed with a connection to the estranged gods in the Overworld and a scroll bearing Telm’s powerful dying words, he is tasked with ensuring the god’s vital legacy: that Agon remain vanquished. Fear forces Ifferon to abandon his duty, but terror restores his quest when the forces of Agon find his hideaway in an isolated coastal monastery.


Weighed down by the worries of the world, but lifted up by the companions he encounters along the way, Ifferon embarks on a journey that encompasses the struggles of many peoples, the siege of many lands, and discoveries that could bring hope to some—or doom to all.


~ Excerpt ~

A terrible howl went before each hound, as if carried by an evil wind from Halés. As the Felokar wolves charged fort, Délin could see that their eyes were ablaze with an inner fire, sparking and singeing their fur and the land around them. Their coats were of brown and black, though these too were tinted red, perhaps from the char of their eyes or some other fire still concealed. They seemed to blend into the blackness, as if they were not altogether present, but sight or no sight, Délin unsheathed his great two-handed sword and swung to meet the flame and shadow.


“Flee!” he cried to his companions. “These are the wolves of the Underworld. There is no valour to be won here—only death!”


There was a great sound of steel ringing through the air, as if it too made a howl to match the one unleashed by the wolves. Then there was a sound of rending flesh as the sword sliced through the nearest wolf, which leapt into the air and came down on the knight with a shriek and a clang against his armour. Blood sprayed into the air and then seemed to dissipate, for these were the wolves of Halés, and their flesh and blood were more illusion than reality. Délin did not think of this, for the wolf had dented his armour and caused him to lose his breath, and the pain was altogether real. He faltered for a moment, losing his grip on the sword, and his helmet rolled off in the fray. Suddenly there were three wolves upon him, snarling and tearing. He held his gauntleted arms before his face, but still the claws and teeth tore at him, wearing down his defences.


Las Ardúnin de’Lamarin!” he called, and he felt a sudden strength within, as if the very mention of the Lady had set her potent gaze upon him, filling him with the waters of vitality and the rivers of courage. He leapt forward as if he too were wild, and he threw the wolf from him and came down on it in a frenzy. They rolled in the dust and the shade, and the other wolves came racing down on them, tearing and gnawing at all, wolf and man.


It seemed that an age was passing before Délin’s eyes, an age of struggle, where limb met with claw, and the harsh glare of the wolves was met with a glower of rage and defiance. One wolf pinned his left arm in its jaws and shook its head violently, trying to rip off his limb. He beat at its head with his other fist, roaring and shouting in an attempt to frighten them off, and also from the pain of the ever-piercing teeth, which tore through his armour as if it were flesh. For a moment he was relieved of two of the wolves, for they broke off to fight amongst themselves over their prey, but the larger one soon returned, fresh blood thick upon its teeth.


Ever did Délin clamber and toil with his foes, beating off wave after wave of the onslaught against him. He strayed on the path to Halés, for each volley of battering limbs drained his will, and each flurry of scratching claws drained his blood. Time passed slowly in that struggle, and so too did Délin pass under the shadow of weariness and into the clutches of death.


~ About the Author ~



Dean F. Wilson was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1987. He started writing at age 11, when he began his first (unpublished) novel, entitled The Power Source. He won a TAP Educational Award from Trinity College Dublin for an early draft of The Call of Agon (then called Protos Mythos) in 2001.


He has published five novels to date, and is working on several others.


Dean also works as a journalist, primarily in the field of technology. He has written for TechEye, Thinq, V3, VR-Zone, ITProPortal, TechRadar Pro, and The Inquirer.

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~ Other Books in this Series ~


Title: The Road to Rebirth

Series: The Children of Telm #2

Release Date: 31 January 2014

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After the catastrophe of the Call of Agon, Ifferon and his companions find themselves in the unenviable situation of witnessing, and partaking in, the death of another god—this time Corrias, the ruler of the Overworld.

With Corrias locked inside the corpse of the boy Theos, he suffers a fate worse than the bonds of the Beast Agon. Yet hope is kindled when the company find a way to restore the boy, and possibly the god, back to life.

The road to rebirth has many pitfalls, and there are some who consider such meddling with the afterlife a grave risk. The prize might be life anew—but the price might also be a second death.




Title: The Chains of War

Series: The Children of Telm #3

Release Date: 12 August 2014

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The first of Agon’s chains has broken, and the others are straining. It is only a matter of time before he is free, before the world is engulfed in chaos and death.

There are few left to stop him. Most of the gods can only sit and watch in horror from their prison in the heavens, but the resurrection of the father god Corrias gives the people of Iraldas a sliver of hope, a fighting chance.

Yet the memory of Corrias’ failure to defeat Agon in ages past plays heavily on all minds. Many know that it is only the might of the Warrior-god Telm that can defeat the Beast. That god is dead, but his power lives on in his bloodline, in Ifferon and others like him, and they are tasked with waging a final war against the Beast.


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