Spotlight with Marc Corwin

A Spotlight with Marc Corwin, author of ‘The Optical Lasso’.

The Optical Lasso is a space opera / science fiction fantasy thriller, and the first in a planned series. One of the primary supporting characters, the Science Officer, is an Aussie! This is my first published piece of any kind, but in early reviews, it has been received well (see postings on Amazon).

My debut novel highlights the following conflicts: religion vs science, trust over torture, romance vs combat, truth over politics, is there alien life out there, as well as food commentary on such important topics as thin vs thick crust pizza, what comprises a good New York style cheesecake, and the true origin of matzo ball soup… are you familiar with the legendary matzo bird that once roamed the Negev desert?

Regarding music, it runs the gambit from one hit wonders Friend & Lover to Herman’s Hermits to Ferrante & Teicher and Gustav Holst.

It scientifically challenges your imagination: How can a planet periodically reverse its rotation? What will you find inside the first wormhole ever discovered? If Einstein was wrong and you can travel faster than the speed of light, all of history would be at your fingertips to view at your choosing. What secrets would it reveal?

It will tug at your heart as a dying young boy, through the love of his mother, emerges as Earth’s greatest leader in a time of dire need.

My personal backstory encompasses a successful CFO / small business owner who recently survived a near fatal car accident and realized life is short. Why am I not doing what I really love to do? Write!

So that’s a short and sweet synopsis of what I bring to the table. Pass me a Tim Tam and perhaps we can find some common ground. My wife and I vacationed in Cairns a few decades ago and found the people of Australia to be amongst the friendliest on the planet. We had planned to visit New Zealand this year to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary and we all know what happened there!

We live in San Diego, CA so I will never complain about the weather. We have 2 wonderful dogs Sweet Pea, a rescue, and Elvis (he ain’t nothing but a hound dog) our basset hound who somehow snuck into my book as a character. Imagine that!

Have you read this novel? The author is currently looking for Amazon reviews, so get on it (Australian Amazon or .com Amazon) !

1 thought on “Spotlight with Marc Corwin

  1. The author Marc Corwin, is by far and away out of this world when it comes to captivating an audience with his book The Optical Lasso!
    I give it a double thumbs up, and can’t wait to see what comes next.

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