Review: Juliet Marillier – Child of the Prophecy

Child of the Prophecy
Juliet Marillier
‘Child of the Prophecy’ follows Fainne, which is interesting to the reader as the title of the book purports that this novel is about the Child of the Prophecy, thought to be a male. Nevertheless, Fainne is likable, if rather misguided. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and was sad when I had finished it.

13925Fainne is the granddaughter of Sorsha and Lady Oonagh and the forbidden child of Niamh and Ciaran. Fainne has had a sheltered childhood, but  she must leave her cosy home in Kerry to go out to perform her grandmother’s wishes. Travelling with her old childhood friend Darragh is difficult for Fainne, knowing the impossible task her grandmother has set her.

Similarly to the other two books in the trilogy, at the beginning I felt myself wanting to rush with my reading to get to some action faster. Mid-way through the books, things were finally happening, but I was torn as to what the conclusion of the book would be.
The ending is somewhat unexpected, but satisfying, and nail biting right to the end! Often in this novel the reader will notice something before the protagonist does, which makes it more exciting. Fainne is thrown this way and that by others’ wills, but it is up to her to make or break things – and not even the reader can tell what she will be able to do.
Marillier has crafted a beautiful narrative – the characters are engaging, the scenery convincing and the plot riveting. The only part I was unsatisfied with was that the book ended too soon! As a concluding novel for a trilogy, ‘Child of the Prophecy’ tied up the loose ends of the narrative nicely.
I’m hankering after the next two books set in the same world ‘Seer of Sevenwaters’ and ‘Heir to Sevenwaters’. One of these will be my reward for having read and reviewed 10 books from my shelf! I probably won’t read it until after review 20 though, as I will want to read the two books together.

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