Review: Mickey Zucker Reichert – The Legend of Nightfall

The Legend of Nightfall
Mickey Zucker Reichert
Nightfall is a legend with multiple disguises, but he has finally made a mistake. Executed, stripped of disguises and charged with a seemingly impossible task, he needs to land Ned before he can escape the oath bond. Nightfall no longer has his true self to return to, but he mustn’t remain Nightfall either.

Nightfall or Sudian, whatever you want to call him, is a nice character. I wouldn’t say he was great, but he’s not bad. You do see some significant character development, but it is mainly in terms of the way Nightfall begins to interact with the other characters, particularly he idealistic Ned.

It’s hard to discuss this book without giving away key spoiler points. Must of the book is built on suspense, which is appropriate as the third person narrative. The majority of the time it is focalised through Nightfall, which works very well for building his character.

Something I didn’t understand was why Nightfall didn’t just create another persona like the assassin Nightfall. That sentence is confusing until you have read the book I guess. Nightfall doesn’t fall into his other personas, he only remains Sudian, but surely he could have come up with another assassin similar to intimidate people! That would totally destroy everything that his childhood friend has tried to do for him though, which would undermine other parts of the book.

Something that bugs me about this book are the constant reminders about being undernourished at birth and this making Nightfall look so much smaller and uglier than Ned. If I imagine Nightfall like the way he is portrayed on the cover, I find him very attractive for a man! It’s probably the beard. Another issue I have with that is that at some stage, his locks of hair are described as being clipped shorter, but the book cover doesn’t reflect that.

This is my second time reading the book, and in my opinion it lacks something. I remembered the storyline quite well, and so all the suspense that drives the plot was lost for me. I knew that whatever Nightfall tried, he would wiggle his way around it!The book ends on a cliffhanger to an extent, and so it is fortunate there is a second book! I believe it took a long time for Reichert to produce the sequel, but it was very eagerly anticipated. It is also on my bookshelf and I’m aiming to read it some time soon. I enjoyed this book first time around, and it wasn’t a bad read as a repeat either. I’d advise savouring the read slowly the first time (if you can, it’s pretty a pretty driving narrative) so that you get the most of this book before moving on to the second.

I’d recommend this book for adults and mature teenagers. The issues of sex, diseases and prostitutes, and also violence against children are all present, but I think they are dealt with quite well, and certainly not in a positive light.

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