Review: Tamora Pierce – Magic Steps

Magic Steps
Tamora Pierce
The four friends of the original quartet – Briar, Tris, Sandry and Daja – have split ways. Sandry has gone to look after her uncle, Duke Vedris who has suffered from a heart attack. While she is out in the town, she discovers a new mage who has dance magic, but refuses to admit to it. It is her duty to teach him, but she is constantly frustrated by his lack of attention! Can she train him in time?
Sandry and the others are now 14. Sandry has taken up a huge workload looking after her uncle. She misses her teacher Lark, but has a bigger duty. When she discovers the dance mage, she is amazed to find out that she must be his teacher! Luckily some contacts are able to get things moving. When there are several bloody murders in a row, Sandry can’t help interfering.

It is all told from Sandry’s perspective, with the exception of the parts from the murders. The plot is quick, but the teaching element that is included is very interesting and not skimped on. It’s good to see an ‘ordinary’ student compared to the prodigies of Briar, Tris, Sandry and Daja.

My apologies for the big white spot on the cover photo – it doesn’t have this in real life! You will notice that at a glance this cover looks a lot like that of ‘Briar’s Book’. I think the cover art design is very nice though, and doesn’t give too much away. All 8 books I own in this series look fantastic together.

I really enjoyed this book, and I think that in terms of interest it is better than books 1, 2 & 4 of the first quartet. It is a good idea to read the first quartet before embarking on this one. However, with the other books in this quartet, you can read them in basically any order and it won’t affect your enjoyment of them.

I would recommend this book for children and teenagers alike. There is some uncomfortable content, including drug use (portrayed in a negative light) and also some meaningless and blood deaths.

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