Review: Tamora Pierce – Tris’s Book

Tris’s Book
Tamora Pierce

Tris, Daja, Briar and Sandry have survived the earthquake, and Summersea is also beginning to heal its wounds. There is no rest for the four friends though – as powerful mages they have a duty to help put things right as well as fight off the next attack.

58890As the title suggests, the majority of this book is about Tris. She is a budding weathermage, but she lacks control. Spouting with lightnings she is a danger to pirates and friends alike. Strangely, her magic seems to be leaking into her friends’, which makes for some very interesting results.

What I love about this book is that the cover really matches the contents. I imagined Tris’s hair a little bit more frizzy, but it’s a pretty good representation! The original title for this book was ‘The Power in the Storm’, which naturally I feel fitted better with the book’s content.

It is important to read this set of four books in order so that the progression of the characters can be clearly seen. The book is a good mix of plot driven action and character development. The pirates give the four friends something to do, and adds some interest to the book. I’d be perfectly happy to just hear more about what they learn with their teachers (but then, that’s me, and I like that type of thing), but I suppose the pirates add another level of interest.

This is another comforting book to me, I read it when I don’t want to get too involved! It only took me around 1-2 hours to reread in entirety. Since I’ve now reread it a lot of times, it’s hard to say what originally attracted me to this book. I’d probably say it was because I enjoyed this first book so much!

I would recommend this book for children (only just though, as there are some bloody deaths and nightmares) and teenagers. It’s a very easy read for me, but a very enjoyable one. It seems to me, anything by Tamora Pierce is imminently rereadable.

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