Review: Mercedes Lackey – The Sleeping Beauty

The Sleeping Beauty
Mercedes Lackey
Rosa’s mother has just died, and things seem set for her to inherit a horrible step mother determined to kill her off! Instead a craft set of trials is devised to determine her husband. Although Rosa has favourite, there is someone who hasn’t shown their hand and could destroy everything.
Initially this book starts out with a great sense of humour – something that Lackey says she deliberately included. As the novel progresses, things do become a bit more involved. One gripe I had was that the same analogy used by Godmother Bella in The Fairy Godmother to explain to Elena about her missing price is used again in this book.
I love Seigfried. He’s so likeable. You can tell from his physical description that he is frequently underestimated, yet underneath all that is a bright brain. I like his little bird too.
Rosa is awesome. I like Rosa too. She doesn’t get nearly enough airtime! Or I guess she does, but it’s not really that obvious because perspectives are swapped every which way. A strong willed female protagonist once again. I’m a bit sick of the Sleeping Beauty / Cinderella stories though – there doesn’t seem to be anything else going for the women!
There are some inconsistencies with the fairytales, and countless references to others. If you aren’t familiar with your fairytales, I’d suggest brushing up on them.
I liked the trials, particularly the riddles. That was my favourite part of the whole thing! Worth reading just for those. Perhaps this isn’t the most glowing of reviews, but it is enjoyable, and certainly easy to read with a thrilling conclusion.
It’s a complete change from Fortune’s Fool, where the kingdom in question is poor. This kingdom is so rich that they are constantly at war to keep the neighbouring kingdoms from stealing the gold. The final trial is quite logical from that really.
After awhile, the covers on these books become quite samey. There are only so many pretty women you can look at! It would be nice to have another strong male Hero in future books, and have him on the cover instead. I can understand that Lackey is a female and therefore writes female orientated things, but still…
This one is suitable again for teens as well as adults. Not even very many adult themes in this one! Just some clever use of language, humour and trials as I mentioned.

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