Review: Mercedes Lackey & Larry Dixon – Chrome Circle

Chrome Circle
Mercedes Lackey & Larry Dixon
Tannim’s been given his marching orders to visit his family and pick up a new worker for his home elves. Little does he know there is a woman on his case and hunting him down with a vengeance. Or is it really a woman? Is he really being hunted?
This novel is another thrilling instalment in the SERRAted Edge series. Tannim is a car mage and a race car driver but he’s also the human contact for a whole conclave of elves.
Shar! Ah, once again Lackey have succeeded with retelling things from multiple perspectives yet still keeping the narrative line clear and enjoyable. So very enjoyable. Perhaps I would have liked a little more balance from the bad elves, but otherwise it’s very good.
Not much in the way of character development in this book, but the character relationships are good. I think this may be the first time we really see a dragon, let alone three dragons! The fox spirits are also a nice touch, and it’s good to see FX getting some recognition even if he’s a bit of a scamp. I have to say FX provides most of the light relief in this case.
This book moves at a swift pace and you’ll find it difficult to put down at almost any stage. I have to say I guiltily kept reading past my bed time and during study time (even though I had read it before). The ending still came as a bit of a surprise, as I didn’t remember Thomas’ role at all!
The ending is something that you won’t have seen coming. Although others may be bored by the inevitable journey Shar and Tannim take through the world, I found it fascinating. Lackey’s showing off her knowledge and research into the different story myths of our times, and it’s something I really enjoy.
Much to my discomfort (and annoyance), after finishing this book, I realised that I should have read ‘The Other World’ first. Sometimes I get so confused about which books to read first in these series, particularly as it also overlaps with Eric the Bard and Diana Tregarde series. Anyway, don’t make my mistake if you’re reading them, get ‘The Other World’ first if you can.
I’d recommend this part of ‘The Chrome Borne’ for adults and teenagers alike. Although there are hints of sexual activity, it’s nothing pervasive. Perhaps the most important message in this novel is the importance of home and family, even when you have grown up.

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