Review: Steve Smallman & Joelle Dreidemy – The Lamb Who Came to Dinner

The Lamb Who Came to Dinner
Steve Smallman & Joelle Dreidemy
It’s cold outside and a little lamb is knocking at the door. The wolf is rather hungry, but he couldn’t possibly eat a frozen lamb, it will give him indigestion! What shall he do?
2886232So you’ve probably realised by now, but this is a kid’s book! I ran into it because I happened to turn on the tv and Bookaboo was on! Bookaboo is awesome, it’s on ABC4Kids and it promotes reading. Bookaboo is a rock-star drum-playing dog who can’t go on stage unless he has had a book read to him. A pretty awesome idea if I ever heard one. I could totally apply that idea to my entire reading life.
I don’t normally review children’s books (I can’t say I read many of them) but this one deserved a special mention. The animation was pretty cool, and the original graphics in the book were very nice. It draws on so many other little children’s novels in ways (reminds me of the three little pigs crossed with Mary had a little lamb), but it is a unique blend. There are even some puns for older readers.
I don’t know how Meatloaf got a job reading this book on the show. I can’t say I’ve ever heard (and recognised) any of his music before, but he does an awesome job of making the story come to life. So awesome! His sound effects are pretty cool too.

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Even if you don’t have kids, you should watch the reading of it with Meatloaf.5star

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