Review: Melissa Wright – Pieces of Eight

Pieces of Eight

Melissa Wright

Welcome to Reading Addiction Blog Tour’s stop for ‘Pieces of Eight’. This is actually the second post in a series of (hopefully) four reviews of this series.

Frey is still an outcast. Struggling to regain memories and being assaulted with blackouts here and there, she can’t hope to help in the fight against the council members that bound her.

The official blurb:

After revealing her own dark past, Frey is forced to join with a group of strangers whose pasts seem to intertwine with her own. She struggles to regain her memories, her full power, only to find there is more danger on the other side. And now, there is no turning back.

My review:

It felt like nothing happened in this novel for the first 40% or so. They journeyed out, it got too dangerous, and they returned to the castle. Much of this novel’s plot is in the character development, and the rediscovery of Frey’s memories. The final moments, just as in the first book in this series (see yesterday’s post for a review), are the most thrilling.

The quick plot point of Molly seems relevant because of the ‘next’ book in this series, simply titled ‘Molly. It’s one of those 2.5 instalments which I’ve never really had much to do with before. Hopefully it’s a good one.

Something I would have liked to see a bit more of would be some foreshadowing. The reader finds things out at the same pace that Frey does, and I would have liked to have a bit more over Frey. The journal is a good thing, but I feel like including that just for the reader in the beginning, then letting Frey find out slowly would have provided more suspense.

The character development of Frey and even Fannie is good. I did like Frey, even if she didn’t seem very bright at times. It was slightly frustrating that she didn’t want to train. She needed to be able to protect herself! But then again, I’m not sure I would want to train with Ruby either.

The PDF form of this novel was so much better than the one previously. The print was large enough for me to read comfortably and I didn’t squint.

I’d recommend this for teens, as I don’t think it has enough depth for adults. A decent enough fantasy I suppose. Take it or leave it either way in my opinion.

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