Review: Julianne Lee – Interloper at Glencoe

Interloper at Glencoe
Julianne Lee
Where to start with reviewing this book… I picked it up (and requested it in part) because it looked a bit like Eirelan, which I enjoyed so much earlier in the year. I wasn’t feeling all too excited about my other reading options, so this was it.
The beginning is a little slow, but once things get started there’s lots of action. The characters are endearing, and I could really feel where things were going with Beth and feel Nick’s frustration and worry.
The ending was brilliant. Loved it. The only thing I would have liked to see more of would have been if I could see the life as an epilogue.
The Gaelic and lack of translations (which would have been nice at the end of the book) would have been good to have. I don’t know enough about it to comment on the accuracy.
Romance, fantasy, a bit of history – things I’m really enjoying at the moment and want more of and they’re all here in this nice book. Tick from me.
I’d say it was suitable for adults and teens alike. There are some references to sex, and some other adult themes (such as the deaths of the clan members), but I feel that those are quite minor points that don’t detract from the readability of the novel.
I’ve given this novel 4 stars, simply because despite being interested in the story, I did pick it up to read, and then put it back down again due to the slow beginning. Other than that, it’s really good and warms up to the task of entertaining. I would even consider purchasing a hard copy of it.
I received this free from Librarything in return for an honest review, but this has in no way influenced my review.

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