Review: Leisel K. Hill – Persistence of Vision

Persistence of Vision
Leisel K. Hill
Some authors just have a spark in them that makes their worlds come alive in new and exciting ways. Leisel Hill is one of those authors. This is her first novel that I have read, and man, I can’t wait to get my hands on the other ones in this series.

When I wasn’t reading this novel, such as when I was at work, I couldn’t resist thinking about it and mulling over what would happen next. I could say I was captivated by it! However, the attraction wasn’t so strong that it overcame my willpower to work – which is actually a good point for me.

Maggie’s character is so nicely realised. Her actions speak so much louder than her words, yet her words are natural and fit well with the rest of the dialogue. The whole concept (which I don’t want to spoil for you) of losing time and memories is a fascinating one, particularly when there are others that know what has happened – and things are understandably awkward because of this.
I think there was just one section where things didn’t add up for me, and this was the Trackers sent out to find Nat. Now that I’ve perked your ears up for that, you can keep an eye out and see if you notice the same discrepancy. Other than that, the twisting story and what each character knows about each situation is kept strictly under wraps, which adds an element of surprise, as well as being the reason you keep reading.
I never knew I could enjoy a dystopian sci-fi so much! The concepts were really fascinating, and I really could see how the world we are currently inhabiting could go the way of this novel. It wasn’t unbelievable, and the science that was included fitted with what I know already.
This is a novel written by an author who knows what the formula for a good book is, yet has adapted it to produce a great book. I follow Leisel’s blog, and she often posts about how to write good novels, and she has used those techniques to great effect in her work.

The ending was just as good/bad as I hoped. Good, because it was satisfying, bad because this book is only just being released, and I want more right now!!! There were some nice additional twists that got me onto the edge of my seat, and everything was just awesome.

I requested this novel from the author, and was lucky enough to receive a beautiful paperback of it. This has in no way influenced my review, although I have promoted this novel on my blog as much as possible because it’s a great book.

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  1. Thanks a million for the kind review, Rose, and for participating in the tour. I'm so thrilled that you enjoyed the book and thanks so very much for all your promotional efforts. I really appreciate them! 😀

    • Yep, those are my pride and joy bookshelves 🙂 I&#39;ve been playing around with the design of the site lately, and I&#39;m planning on putting up better photos of my bookshelves sometime soon.<br /><br />Thanks for dropping by!

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