Review: Mercedes Lackey – The Black Gryphon

The Black Gryphon
Mercedes Lackey
Skan is a powerful gryphon, a creation of the mage Urtho. Fearless and brave, little does he know he’s going to fall for a cull gryphon. With the help of his friend Amberdrake, they will have to overcome the final treachery.
There’s so many tiny storylines in this novel that you hardly get a sense of the overall war. However, it’s clear that there is a war going on, and that most of this would not have happened if not for the selfish ways of Ma’ar.
In some ways, this novel sets up the Winds trilogy with Elspeth. Ma’ar also appears in those novels, and the reason why is shown at the very end of this novel. I still don’t understand exactly why he hates gryphons, but he does with a passion.
I’m happy that Amberdrake is able to find someone to keep him company, even though it’s not what you would expect! There’s no real antagonistic figure except Conn, and you don’t know how important he is going to be until the end.
Normally changing perspectives would drive me nuts. Here though they serve well, because I’d get bored of Skan’s hissing speech and Amberdrake’s superior attitude pretty quickly.
I didn’t get a sense of terrain. This novel was about the people and animals. Not necessarily a bad thing, but I’m pointing it out nonetheless.

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