Review: John Steinbeck – Tortilla Flat

John Steinbeck
Tortilla Flat
Danny and his friends have tales told about them in a series of short interconnected stories. It’s an interesting insight into their lives of relatively early American (USA) [well, what I call early because I’m a young person!].  
I really like the know it all of the group, Pilon. He’s just so engaging and scheming and bright! Well, you know, bright in relative terms compared to everyone else.
Eh, Danny I could have taken of left. I just didn’t ‘get’ him very well. He’s such a friendly and easy-going guy, and clueless in his own way. For god’s sake man, take control of your life and those useless drinkers you call friends! Maybe I’m just not tolerant enough, which is my usual problem…
Pirate! Oh Pirate, how clueless. But he’s such a good example to the others, who seem to do nothing but drink wine. I find it sad and also sort of funny, the story about his candlestick. The others would have loved to be there too no doubt.  
The ending of this novel seems very final in its own way. Not unexpected, and has a certain parallel to other events in the novel. There’s another book after this one, and although I was aiming to read the second book in this ‘series’, I didn’t get around to it in time. It is my intention to borrow the other book from the library at a later point. 
I read this after the suggestion (and lending of books to me) by an Aunt while on holidays on the US. I saved my draft review on my other laptop, and then didn’t get around to posting it. Oops.

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