Review: Tamora Pierce – Lady Knight

Lady Knight
Tamora Pierce
Keladry is about to be given the most difficult and important mission in her life. With an uncanny ability for picking up strays, it seems like the Goddess’ hand is on her – yet Keladry must survive and thrive on her own.
Keladry is still the plucky heroine that we know and love. She’s matured remarkably well for an 18 year old, maybe too well? Those were different times however. She’s a natural born leader, which helps with things.
Sometimes I feel like Keladry is not a remarkable leader. She’s just so dedicated to her people, and that’s what makes her special. Nevertheless, she does care for them deeply, and that’s where the main basis of this novel comes from.
Some time has passed since Keladry was knighted, and we see a couple of things that have matured well. Neil for one – being a knight suits him, and yet he finds a good balance between that and being a healer (not to mention being in love). The other is Lord Wyldon, who is the same grumpy old man he always was, but he has a soft spot for Keladry now.
I’d be pretty excited to see a sequel to these – Keladry seems like she really wants children, but she’s got to find the time to do so! Perhaps she will be a commander for the King’s Own in the future, or something else perhaps.
So I lied when I said this was one of my least favourite books in the quartet and I wasn’t going to read it. I can’t leave a story half finished, even if I know how it ends! I’m glad I did reread it.

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