Review: Araminta Star Matthews & Stan Swanson – Return of the Loving Dead

Horror Highschool – Return of the Loving Dead
Araminta Star Matthews & Stan Swanson
Amber thinks she has the best life. She’s going to be top of her class, she has a fantastic loving boyfriend, and everything is right in the world. Unfortunately for her, there is an untreated zombie on the loose, and she’s going to lose her life as she knows it.
This is an interesting turn on the zombie theme that seems to be getting out of control (zombie apocalypse survival team anyone?). It’s a slightly different idea, to have zombification as a curable disease to some extent, rather than people running around and randomly killing each other.
I couldn’t understand how Amber knew that she’d want to look after Zach for the rest of his life. His ears were falling off for goodness sake! Amber seems like a bit of an idiot to me. True love is a bit hard to detect (or at least, I think so with my current experiences), and she’s committing to a life time of expensive medications and making sure he doesn’t eat brains.
I agreed that the holding facilities were just cruel. They should have just killed them. I’m sure it’s hard to kill someone who’s been zombified, but at the same time, are they really much more than a potato? I would think I would put plans in place to kill me off if I ever became a zombie!
I would have liked to hear more science about the zombies and the treatments. How do the treatments work? How did they come up with them? What’s with the new genetic testing? Why can’t they detect whether someone is infected earlier and do something about it? I guess this is a teenage fiction novel, so I can’t expect too much of it.
Worth reading if you like the genre, if not, give it a miss as there’s other novels to be read where to protagonist isn’t quite so stupid and naive. Perhaps the second novel in the series will be more enlightening, but we’ll see.

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