Review: Garth Nix – Grim Tuesday

Grim Tuesday
Garth Nix
Arthur thinks he’s safe home in bed, busy undoing the sickness brought by Mister Monday’s goons. Little does he know that the next minute his house will be for sale, and everything will be reclaimed by Grim Tuesday – unless he returns to The House.
Again, I’m rereading these in line with my girlfriend’s brother. He’s enjoying them, even if he is super slow at reading! I get through these novels in the space of around 1-2 hours, because they aren’t particularly meaty.
Arthur is not the most brilliant of characters, and this is perhaps what makes him most endearing to teenage readers. He doesn’t profess to be smart, and most of the time he’s just wandering around trying to get himself out of mischief. Suzi Blue, his friend, is also trying to get him out of trouble.
Again, action driven and best for those who don’t want too much character development. It’s aimed squarely at the reluctant reader.
The Will is so pompous! They are super annoying. I don’t see why Arthur has to release the bits of Will in order to get to the gloves or anything else. Bugger the Will! Sunbear. Pah. Frog.
I liked the challenge between Arthur and Grim Tuesday. Arthur’s relationship with his family is very important to him, and to them, and even if Arthur seems to be hardly home, and they leave messages on the fridge to each other, they’re still a loving family.
I think the best thing for me in this novel are the Ships. I can’t really talk about them without giving too much away, but let’s just say there are worlds inside bottles. I remember that they play a larger role in some of the other novels in this series – and I look forward to rediscovering that.
My resolve to read and review these is not strong. I’m not sure what I can really say about these plot-driven novels by an author I already loved.

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