Review: Valerie Davisson – Shattered

Valerie Davisson
Logan is going to lose her job, she’s lost her music, but at least she has her car. And going back to work at the fairgrounds where she grew up seems like she’s stepping backwards in time. That’s the sort of thing she needs to keep going.
Logan’s relationship with her friends starts out with her being supported still from her husband’s death. Then in turn, she supports them when things get rough. Logan is not a simple character, she keeps growing.
I have to say that in a couple of points in the novel, I was thrown out of the rhythm by some overly descriptive passages, and some rough dialogue. The rest of the time though, it was compelling.
Something I really loved, and that make this book ‘pop’ and remain fascinating the whole way along was that there were several interlocking storylines, and it didn’t feel like the minor ones were put in just for show. It created a real world.
Ben and Logan’s relationship is touching, not too cloying, and it seems very ‘real’. Both are characters in their own right, although Ben could have done with a bit of fleshing out. Nevertheless, it wasn’t overstated and I felt like it fitted in nicely with the other elements of the story.
Something I have to say disappointed me was the title. ‘Shattered’ didn’t really describe the way I felt about Logan’s life. Yeah, she’d had a rough time, but it wasn’t that bad! And ‘Shattered’ didn’t really reflect the murder weapon, although I see now it’s perhaps because there is a focus on glass blowing in this first novel. I didn’t realise it was a series until I googled for an image.
Would I give it 5 stars? I’m not sure, but 4.5 for sure. A nice read, even if mysteries aren’t really your ‘thing’, there are plenty of other elements to keep you reading.
I received this novel for free, in both PDF and paperback formats. As always, my opinions are my own.

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