Review: Paul Collins – Dragonfang

Paul Collins
There are five pentagram gems on offer, bringing with them the promise of easily accessing distant worlds – whether that’s to bring back armies or missing companions. Jelindel stars again, but Daretor and Zimak have a role to play in the places they find themselves.
I have similar things to say about this one to the first in the series. Jelindel is starting to feel like a real adult, and Zimak and Daretor are progressing as characters. That being said, the plot is what makes the novel enjoyable, and makes it possible for reluctant reader to get in on the action.
We see the return of the lindraks in this novel, and see what the Deadmoon lindraks have changed. They’re still cut-throat assassins, but some of them are growing conscious of the importance of saving the whole of Q’zar.
Yes it makes sense that Jelindel would want to get her companions back, but seriously, hunting for extremely magical gems at the precise time she needs to? As it is a novel, I guess that’s what I should expect, but I at least want some suspense. Everything is just a little bit too easy (I’m sure Jelindel wouldn’t say the same thing).
This novel seemed like a tag-on to Dragonlinks. It was like the publisher discovered that the first novel was popular, and said, ‘quick, write me a sequel’ without considering whether the first novel should have been a stand alone or was originally designed to be read as one.

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