Review: Brandon Sanderson – Warbreaker

Brandon Sanderson

Two princesses with hair that changes colour with their moods are let loose into the colourful capital of Hallandren – where one thrives and the other suffers. Naturally enough, the one that is suffering thinks that the one that is ‘thriving’ must be faking it! But as it is revealed, they aren’t the same people at all. With a war threatening, one is completely unaware of the war, and the other is unaware what she is doing. The God King could make a difference, but he is silent…

1268479Sometimes it feels like someone who didn’t read the novel wrote the blurb. Breath isn’t focussed by colour! It lets you see all the beautiful colours that are present. And with that note, and other great thing about Sanderson novels is that at the back, there is usually an explanation of the unique magic system he has come up with.

So this magic system is where every person in the world has ‘Breath’. Just one. Unless they sell it (becoming dull), or gain more than one. People with more Breath are more powerful, and it’s obvious to others because the colours brighten around them. The Breath can be used for protection, or for offence. And for the pantheon, it is what keeps them alive.

The characters. Well, it’s told from different perspectives, which actually worked quite well for me, but then I can forgive Sanderson almost anything. I’m not sure I was given enough information to really work out the plot for myself, an insight into the opposing ‘team’ with another perspective might have been good, but there was plenty packed in.

While browsing my bookshelf and lamenting that I didn’t have any of the other books I was currently reading at home, this one jumped out at me. I was pretty much immobile at that point (motorbike accident) and so I wanted something that was going to absorb me. Imagine me leaning on the furniture getting around the house, but with this book in one hand as well!

4 stars from me. This book actually sat on my shelf for at least a year before I read it. It’s an ex-library copy, and I’m pretty sure it cost me a grand total of 50c. That makes it an absolute bargain for the hours of interest I got out of it.


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