Review: Ilka Heinemann – 101 Things to do instead of playing on your phone

101 Things to do instead of playing on your phone
Ilka Heinemann

This nifty little book is a perfect Christmas present for someone who you don’t know what to get! It’s more useful than a set of candles or soaps, and perfect for guys. It makes an excellent Kris Kringle gift.

9781780722467Some of these activities are sequential, but you can just flip through the book at random until you find one you like. I’d suggest using a ball-point pen though, because other inks can leak through the pages and wreak the other works you might be planning to create/fill-in/draw/answer.

This book is a combination of ideas, thoughts, drawings and funny things that you never would have imagined doing. It aims to at least wake your mind up from slumber – although it doesn’t give any claims about how it is good for mindfulness or anything else, it could certainly fit in with that sort of thing.

I’m not sure I can give stars to a non-fiction book like this. But it’s good, and I’d definitely pick up a copy for someone else, and wouldn’t be upset by having it offered to me as a gift.

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