Review: Mimi Sinclair – Ginger Bread Wonderland

Ginger Bread Wonderland
Mimi Sinclair

I’m not sure what I expected from this non-fiction recipe book! Mm, but the cover makes me drool. I’m a fan of both sweet gingerbread (think the gingerbread men you can buy from bakeries) and spicy gingerbread (more like a biscuit).


What I liked most about this was that it was easy to make the base recipes, but you could fancy it up if you liked – there a templates for producing all kinds of cool houses. Sinclair explains why the timing in the oven is important and other such baking tips – which are so important for a beginning baker feeling like they can succeed.

Despite making a couple of really simple gingerbread men, I don’t really have time to do all of the recipes – and I think you’d be best saving your favourite ones, because I’m not sure how long you’d want to keep this book. The varieties are good, but it’s not an exhaustive source of cookies.

I’ll be giving this as a Christmas gift to a close family member. They love baking, and have young kids that will really benefit from the cute gingerbread houses.


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