Review: Victoria Scott – Salt and Stone

Salt and Stone
Victoria Scott

Tella has survived a jungle and a desert. Now she faces stormy seas and frozen mountains on her quest to save her brother. With others in the race with ulterior motives and those just trying to survive, it’s a battlefield of interesting portions.

20657437The novel breaks open with a bang, and continues along at a relatively fast pace. This is interspersed with confused love scenes and meaty blood letting. And of course, depictions of friendships that can rise and break in a moment. Don’t think it’s just love and games in their boat, there’s more than that going on.

The reason I perhaps enjoy this slightly more than the Hunger Games is that there isn’t too much killing of people, only Pandoras. I mean, almost everyone is attached to their Pandoras, Tella in particular, but it’s not quite the same as the wanton killing of humans.

Personally, I found the first novel, Fire and Flood, more than this one. It had the juicy details and the threat of death being much closer. Instead in this one, Tella is so comfortable in her role that it is impossible to see anything going wrong for her and her guy (see what I did there, readers of the first novel?)

I received the first novel in this series from the publisher, and it hooked me enough that I requested the second. It didn’t come my way though, and since I have more than enough books to read at the moment, I didn’t buy this one. Luckily for me, my partner bought me this for Christmas!


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