Review: Brandon Sanderson – Mitosis

Brandon Sanderson

This tiny (#1.5) short story occurred in between the first and second novels of the Reckoner’s series (Steelheart and Fireflight respectively).

18966322I remind astounded by the sheer number of convincing magic systems Sanderson can create. There are so many interesting novels about superheroes, it’s hard to stand out.

It’s almost too short to write a review, you don’t really get that much story. It is where David first gets his insights into how the epics work, so it’s valuable in that way.

Since it is a Brandon Sanderson, I’ll give it five stars by default , but it’s just too hard to come up with that much of an opinion. I wasn’t that excited about the extra material in the novel (having read the second one already), but it would be worth it if you’re just starting and reading the novels in series.


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