Review: Brandon Sanderson – Words of Radiance

Words of Radiance
Brandon Sanderson

The Everstorm is coming. While the 10 High-Princes quarrel, the Parshmen are plotting their last stand. With scholars trying to crack the secrets of the Shattered Plains, it’s still not apparent who or what will triumph, or if they will all die in the impending storm.

20343865The characters really really get into their strides here. And well they should, as this novel neatly wraps up the first two. I don’t know how I felt about the ending. It was a little neat, but also open ended. I loved Adolin’s final gesture – finally! Get on it boy! Kal, hmm, don’t know what I think about you. Sometimes you are just so dumb, and sometimes you are brilliant.

I love how Sanderson kills off his characters. It gives his novels an edge that makes me want to keep reading. There is nothing worse than series when a character dies, and then is resurrected several chapters or books later. There is an exception that slips itself in, but I’m going to leave that out – plot spoiler!

I wish Sanderson hadn’t needed to waste time finishing The Wheel of Time! People are polarised on whether they like it or not. And if they were coming to read Sanderson’s own work next, I think they would be unfairly biased towards/against it.

As usual, another Brandon Sanderson ripper. I had to restrain myself after reading the first novel in this series to not gobble up this one too quickly. I knew the third novel wasn’t out yet, and who knows when it will be out (2017????), or when I can get a copy? These novels were published 4 years apart…

An easy 5 stars from me. Sanderson and publishers, just take my money and give me everything.


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