Review: Isobelle Carmody – The Red Queen

The Red Queen
Isobelle Carmody

Elspeth is reaching the end of her quest. She has travelled across the land, but suddenly been halted – for no reason that she can work out. Not to mention she seems to be destined for death sooner rather than later. The question is, will she be able to work out the remaining clues before everyone dies?

Article Lead - narrow1002356196gkwzavimage.related.articleLeadNarrow.353x0.gkryzo.png1447991145658.jpg-300x0This is the finale of The Obernewtyn Chronicles. It was originally intended to be 5 books, it extended to 6, and then 7. The 7th book in particular was delayed several times. I expected it to be polished and beautiful, and for the most part it was. Having just read the other 6 books though, I could see plot holes and unfinished business. Also Elspeth spent a lot of time ‘gnawing’, relaxing, ‘gnawing’, relaxing. It got a bit repetitive.

I don’t know whether I felt disappointed in this novel or not. In the end, the very end was a bit of a let down after all the trials of coming there. I wanted to know more about the future. Ah, Rushton and Elspeth. What will happen? What about the other characters? How many of them will survive?

I made the mistake of looking at a couple of other reviews after having finished reading it, because I felt confused about how I felt. Other people complained about the section in Habitat, but I personally enjoyed that. The repetition did drive me pretty nuts though.

I didn’t feel comfortable with the idea that machines would come back. Sentinal and Ines were too aware. Even if the law is not to harm humans, I would always feel nervous trusting a machine. A future teller can’t see everything after all. But is that really what the ending suggests?

I will reread it – eventually. Even with its unanswered questions, I’ve invested too much in the series, and enjoyed the first 4 books so much that it’s not a question of if, but when.


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