Review: Dan Ford – The Evolution of Adam

The Evolution of Adam
Dan Ford

Highly evolved spiritual entities make simple animals into humans with sentience and free-will. What follows in recent times is their journey towards enlightenment and the quest for ‘God’.

22849011I put off reading this novel because it sounded like yet another ‘Spiritual Quest’ novel that wanted to tell me how to live my life. Instead I found a fiction that was just how the blurb announced it. The only problem was that the blurb read more as an advertising brief than a quick summary of the text.

The characters had very nice variety in them. Although I felt like Adam was the main character (of course, since the book is sort of named after him after all!), the other characters got airtime and some development. I didn’t feel like I needed to prefer one over the other, and I think the majority of people could find someone that they related to.

Oh dear. This novel was a bit of a tome, since despite having large text it came in at 500 pages. My feeling was that for every three sentences, it could be replaced with one sentence to give a more pithy and powerful novel. I got caught down in the colour of clothing and the insecurities of the characters when I should have been entranced by the story.

I confess that I didn’t finish this novel (I read up to chapter 4), which would usually be an automatic 1 star from me. But I’m giving this novel 2 stars. The storyline would have been fine, but the wording was just too much for me. I can see the potential there, I’d be willing to try reading it again if some serious editing took place.


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