Review: Kit Alloway – Dreamfever

Kit Alloway

Josh knows, in an intellectual kind of way, that she is the True Dream Walker. Haunted by Feodor’s knowledge, Josh longs to create stability in the Dream that will help her to recapture the power she felt in the first times she walked. Instead, things are complicated by the reappearance of the Royal Princess who hasn’t been around for 19 years…

25663775There’s little bit of swapping between perspectives when they are all fighting in the Dream, which is not highlighted by different chapter breaks. This still works though because it feels like you distinctly stepped between each character in different places.

What I loved about this novel was that although the first book had been a fantastic stand-alone, this book follows on perfectly from where it left off. There isn’t anything that feels out of place, it’s perfect. I’d really like to know what happened to Josh’s original scroll though. Why don’t they keep multiple copies of these things?!?

Josh and Will are finally together! And then they aren’t.  And those stupid scrolls shouldn’t have existed in the first place. Seriously. Prophesies hardly ever go well. Even ones about Death.

Staging is where Dream Walkers can enter someone else’s dreams, and make it seem real – to influence them in a particular direction. There’s people who think this is a fabulous idea (even though it hasn’t worked out very well in the past) and those who want to protect against it. There’s a bit of science brought in here too.

It feels like it is a complete reality, a complete universe. There’s the World is where people live and then there’s the Dream which is where everyone goes when they’re sleeping. I can’t work out whether it’s only nightmares or all dreaming that occurs there. Then there is Death, and that’s where this novel comes into play with different little pockets of reality.

This is 5 stars. I went back and read Dreamfire first, and I couldn’t put it down the second time around either. I can’t wait for the third novel.


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