Review: Don C Reed – Stem Cell Battles

Stem Cell Battles : Proposition 71 and Beyond: How Ordinary People Can Fight Back Against the Crushing Burden of Chronic Disease
Don C Reed

Stem Cell legislation in the USA has been here and there for many years. This novel is now slightly out of date, but it still provides an accurate picture of how legislation for and against stem cells has developed. In fact, I might take that back. It could still be current – legislation can take a long time to change, even if the science tries to keep moving forward.

27187830This book was actually enjoyable. I was hesitant. As I say though, Reed is from the people angle. After his son’s accident, he’s one of the people who have pushed forward from the ground up to make a difference in politics to change ordinary people’s lives. As a geneticist, this gets into all sorts of ethical ideas and messes, some of which are discussed here.

I recently taught a class on stem cells (three of them actually, all the same but with different students). This was a book I wanted to bring in and get them all to read. In Australia, the stem cell laws are just as annoying as far as I can see. There is so much potential in them (but also many hazards).

I received this novel a very long time ago now, and it was a Galley Proof, not for sale. I’m really not sure why I put off reading it for so long. I think I was sick of science, and didn’t want to read more about it in my free time! This is less about the science, and more about the people though.

Non-fiction, I’m not rating it. But if you have an interest in science, please go and get yourself a copy. It’s pleasurable reading, even for people who hate laws.

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