Review: Danielle Rollins – Burning

Danielle Rollins

Angela has served her time in Brunesfield Correctional Facility and is due for release in three months. When a new girl arrives and strange things start happening, Angela’s release might be in question unless she does exactly what the new Director wants her to do.

27280428This novel is basically built on the idea that monsters are more interesting than heroes. Isn’t that true? Monsters always get to have more fun! I’m not sure that’s exactly true for the entirety of the novel, but true feelings come out towards the end.

You’re going to want to pick up this novel for its very attractive cover which hints at the story to come, and then keep reading because its really fantastic and the plot keeps turning over quickly. There isn’t a moment to get bored or doubt yourself. You just have to keep reading!

The characters in this were neatly filled out, but at the same time I could have known more about them. I was interested in the crimes committed by each of Angela’s friends, and Angela herself, and I felt like I never got full answers.

I want to see a sequel for this. At the same time, I was perfectly happy with the very surprising ending! I now couldn’t picture it ending any other way. 5 stars from me. Go pick it up right now!

Bloomsbury | July 2016 | AU$17.99 | Paperback

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