Review: Dana Reinhardt – Tell Us Something True

Tell Us Something True
Dana Reinhardt

Having just been dumped unceremoniously in the middle of a romantic paddle on a lake, River is feeling a bit down. When he sees a sign promoting what he thinks is a normal meeting, he ends up faking a weed addiction to stay in the teenage support group as he connects with a girl who is somehow out of his league. What will happen when his lies fall apart?

29663842Having just read a novel where there is a difference between nice guys and good guys, River makes a good contrast of it. He starts out nice, passes through completely useless, then maybe to good. It’s that character evolution of being just another guy to being one who has gotten a bit of self-awareness happening.

I totally did not see that connection coming! Obviously I can’t give it away, but it’s pretty damn good. River gets away with a lot of stuff because he’s always been a ‘good son’, but damn, I was a good daughter and I never got away with that much! I can empathise with a lot of what River goes through (including taking a long time to get his driver’s licence), which is probably why this novel ranked so highly with me.

I’m going to compare this novel to Girls Love Travis Walker, and that makes this novel a reread – worth 5 stars from me. Amazing that a young adult novel which could be seen as a bit whiney got my vote of confidence.


ONE WORLD | August 2016 | AU $16.99 | Paperback

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