Review: Josephine Angelini – Trial by Fire

Trial by Fire
I Am A Witch and Witches Burn
Josephine Angelini

Lily suffers in her own world because she is allergic to things that no doctor can determine. After a party goes wrong, Lily finds herself literally in a whole different world, fighting for her own life in a different way.

26064760To an extent I felt like I didn’t know Lily, despite having things from her perspective the whole time. She is a crucible I suppose, so being empty is part of it. I did feel like her character progressed though. Rowan on the other hand felt very static, although his attitude to Lily changed. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

This novel is going to keep you off balance the whole time. Lily is never sure what she is doing, and so the reader doesn’t ever get the big picture either. At the same time though, you know that there will be some sort of major confrontation.

Don’t let this title mislead you. It’s referring to the Salem witch trials, which don’t play a major role in the actual timeline of the novel, but were important in the past. Although basically everything could have been important in the past because of the multiple timelines.

Thank goodness I had the next novel in the trilogy waiting for me to read it. There are so many lovely loose ends that need to be cleared up! Yes, the novel circles back and you could consider it finished, but there are so many things still to be discovered.

4 stars from me. I read it breathlessly and couldn’t put it down.


Pan Macmillan | 10 November 2015 | AU $16.99 | Paperback

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