Review: James Dashner – The Fever Code

The Fever Code
James Dashner

The world has ended – a fever that turns people into Cranks that tear out their own hair and try to claw out other people’s eyes, and flares that have killed most of the greenery of the planet. WICKED wants to cure the disease, but to do so, they need to map the brains of those children who are naturally immune.

32408467It was a bit convenient how there just happened to be 4 brilliant ‘munies that could be used to help design the maze. Then again, the whole thing was amazingly orchestrated by WICKED. Not having read The Scorch Trials, I didn’t know that there had been two communities in the mazes (male-only and female-only).

I loved Thomas more than I had ever before. I could have eaten more up about the psychological trials going on, but that’s just me. Things started out badly, and then poor Thomas got more confused than ever!

When I first started reading this novel, I thought that it would be ok to read this before reading the rest in the trilogy (you know, since it’s the prequel and I like to read things in chronological order). Then I got to the end of the novel, and sort of went ‘Uh oh, maybe this gives too much away’. Since this has come out after the other novels, I think most people will have read the original trilogy anyway. It’s up to you.

The movie of The Maze Runner actually got a massive thumbs up from my partner, and also from me! It had been a while since I had read the novel, so I was ok with the various changes they had made to it. Anyway, that’s off-topic. I’m not sure this novel would make such a good movie, as so much of the action is literally inside Thomas’ mind.

I’m giving it 4 stars for the nail-biting action, and the surprising (at least for me) ending. Go and get your reluctant reader a copy. Or your absorbed reader. You won’t regret it.


Scholastic | 27 September 2016 | AU $12.99 | Paperback

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  1. Thanks!! Just bought this book, and given recent events in the US i think post-apocalyptic brain trips would be a source of hope as the hero almost always makes things better 🙂

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