Review: Guillermo del Toro & Daniel Kraus – Trollhunters

Guillermo del Toro & Daniel Kraus

Having a memorial to your dead old uncle in your livingroom is a bit odd. Even worse so when your dad, Jim Sturges Sn. keeps 10 locks on the front door and steel shutters on the windows. Jim Sturges Jr. has enough to worry about without trolls actually coming out from the drains in the gym lockers…

31846469Plenty of ooze, vomit, snot and gore in this novel, but with epic illustrative depictions that make you feel like you are right there on the scene. Yes, some parts of it were completely overboard, but I just rolled with it. It had the immediacy of action that I missed from Artie and the Grime Wave, and theoretically the same amount of gross.

Read this as episodic awesomeness that you won’t necessarily see coming. Please, please, please don’t read anything else online about it or I think you will ruin the storyline for yourself. For me, I didn’t see a lot of what there was to happen and that made it all the more exciting to experience things with the unlikliest of heros.

This is coming to Netflix (or is already there?), and you can bet I’m going to have at least a try of watching it with my partner. I think that this could make a powerful, enjoyable storyline and I look forward to sharing it with a non-reader. It’s made by Dreamworks and I generally love everything Dreamworks (Kung Fu Panda! How to Train Your Dragon!), so I’ve got high hopes.

Ah ha! That ending was perfect and satisfying. And yet… this is the first novel in the series! Am I going to pick the second novel? Maybe… it depends on what other options are there. I’m giving this novel 4 stars because I couldn’t put it down despite being tired and overdue for my nap.


Allen & Unwin | 23rd November 2016 | AU $16.99 | Paperback

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