Review: Michael Tolkin – NK3

Michael Tolkin

North Korea released a virus that turns people into Drifters, or essentially, Zombies. Some people are immune, or have been retrained in time. All technology has been lost – except one plane out of there. I didn’t hang around long enough to find out if they even left.

“Deliciously dark prose”? Try incomprehensibly dark plot line. I tried desperately to connect with any of the characters, but instead found them falling out of my mind faster than a Drifter forgot their families. Skipping around different perspectives gives this novel nothing worthwhile, and just left me confused and irritated. There seemed to be no forwards plot that I could identify in the first half of the novel, and after that I gave up.

Looking for a virus/biohazard take-over-the-world thriller? Try SKITTER or The Ego Cluster. Want something with Zombies? Try The Rains (review to come). This one is probably not going to be for you unless you enjoy incomprehensible plots with characters that you can’t connect with. I couldn’t finish this novel. 1 star.

Allen & Unwin | 31st October 2017 | AU$29.99 | paperback

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