Review: Christopher Clearfield & Andras Tilcsi – Meltdown

Christopher Clearfield & Andras Tilcsi

Why do failures happen in huge industrial and nuclear plants? How do we avoid aeroplane crashes with thousands of planes landing in LAX each day? These ideas are extensively explored in this non-fiction novel that provides a base for you to apply these principles to your own business.

I freely admit that business management and so forth is not usually in my personal interest area. However this book caught my fancy because I knew the stories would interest me. I’ve always enjoyed the Hudson River plane landing, and I knew this book would explore why that actually happened and how it coud be prevented. Some of the case studies here are actually talking about how large businesses can hide ilegal practices under legal looking paperwork.

My partner (who does have the business management background and a piece of paper to prove it) hasn’t read this book yet but is planning on doing so. I was going to wait to review until she had read it… but it’s been a month. Let’s just say I think it’s appropriate for a range of experience levels. The authors don’t dumb it down, but they do explain the terms that they use so even a novice like me can understand. It’s sensibly laid out with helpful chapter headings that aren’t obtuse.

I’d recommend this novel for anyone who runs a business or has an interest in how big ones work. I enjoyed it and would read it again, which is high praise from me for a non-fiction. It’s traveled with me overseas and it is going to travel back home with me.

Allen & Unwin | 23rd May 2018 | AU$32.99 | paperback

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