Review: LEGO Star Wars Ideas Book

LEGO Star Wars Idea Book

Are you fond of Star Wars? Do you love LEGO? If you can answer yes to either of those questions, this book is for you! It is filled with ideas of how to expand your Star Wars universe without buying more boxed sets or collecting yet more ships.

This book is a flip-through book, where you are going to want to just glance at each page until you find something that takes your fancy to build. Come prepared with a box of random LEGO parts to build with, and there will definitely be something there for you. I’m personally fond of the buildings and not so fond of the oversized minifigures.

Did I mention that this has suggestions for a bunch of different games you can play? You can get a random pile of LEGO bricks and try to make a Tauntaun, or create a spinner to help you choose who is going to go first in a game of mechanized robots. The suggestions don’t have to be limited to Star Wars either. For those people who are very knowledgeable about Star Wars, there are some trivia questions as well.

To be honest, I love Star Wars, and I love LEGO, but I’m not keen on Star Wars LEGO, apart from an Ewok village and a Walker that I own… So I’ll be giving this as a Christmas gift to a 7-8 year old boy who isn’t keen on reading, but is keen on building. I can see his face lit up at the sight of some of the monsters and miniature scenes he can build.

This book may reignite your imagination and get you out of your LEGO dark ages!

Penguin Random House | 3rd September 2018 | AU$39.99 | hardback

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