Review: Fleur Ferris – Wreck

Fleur Ferris

It’s impossible to write only positive news articles. But Tamara is determined to do so, believing that life needs more good news in it. However when she finds a piece of evidence that could be her breakthrough piece, she finds herself being hunted down for what she knows.

Aw, Tamara, you’re so naive! Tamara is so ‘lucky’ that her parents aren’t there! Otherwise none of the story would have happened, or they would have all been killed in a home invasion. She’s plucky and a little bit stupid, and willing to stand up even at great expense to herself. Amazing, really. A protagonist that you can’t exactly empathise with, but can understand.

This novel moves very, very quickly in the last couple of chapters. Almost too quickly. I wonder for example why Zel hasn’t approached Carrington before. I think that Ferris captures the aftermath of an accident like this one beautifully, with a range of reactions from the parties involved.

This novel reminded me of The Successor where there is also a  scavenger hunt where you can’t trust anyone and everything is a danger. I have to wonder where the original note went… Tamara doesn’t have it, and the bad guys keep hunting her, so maybe they didn’t find it on her colleagues either.

I really enjoyed Ferris’ first novel, Black, and I was so excited to see this one come my way. I was not disappointed. I reread Wreck in order to write this review and enjoyed it almost as much the second time around. 4 stars from me.

Penguin Random House | 3rd July 2017 | AU$19.99 | paperback

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