Review: Jenny McLachlan – Truly, Wildly, Deeply

Truly, Wildly, Deeply
Jenny McLachlan

Annie’s ready to move on from being the disabled kid at school. She wants to be accepted as Annie, awesome character! The last thing she wants is a boyfriend to stifle her. But then there is Fab, who is over the top too but is looking for romance to anchor him in England.

I pounced on this novel the minute it walked in the door. I’d previously read Stargazing for Beginners by McLachlan, and I wasn’t disappointed in this one either. Annie is a plucky and atypical protagonist that you empathise with right from the very first scene. It’s fitting that the first thing you learn about her is her sense of humour and her love for her mom – not her disability.

Something I simply didn’t get was the title of the novel. It’s just a bit… abstract? I can understand the artistry though, one of the best realized scenes in the novel was the blackberry picking. I could see myself there, being scratched by the thorns and doing The Blue Experience.

I reread this novel to provide a decent review, and I didn’t regret it. This is a fantastic novel that plucks at your heartstrings, even as you know that everything will work out in the end (or will it?). This is a light little read, but well worth the $14.99. Since it’s coming up to Christmas, I highly recommend this novel for any teenage girls in your life (or perhaps you are one). 4 stars from me, leaning towards 5 stars.

Bloomsbury | 1st April 2018 | AU$14.99 | paperback

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