Review: Rachel Carlton Abrams – bodywise

Rachel Carlton Abrams

Do you suffer from Chronic Body Depletion? If you suffer from unexplained tiredness, or are just feeling generally lackluster then bodywise could help you get the right help – if you are a woman.

I should have really enjoyed this book, but I sadly didn’t. What I mainly felt was a sense of envy that the case studies within the book had contact with such a fantastic, holistic MD. I am very grateful for the medical facilities in Australia, and I understand the importance of funneling resources, but the system sometimes makes it difficult to reach the professional you need.

As always, I enjoyed the case study and story aspects of this non-fiction work. The rest of the book was ok, again, I just found it difficult to associate it with my own life. I feel like saying the line ‘but who has time for that?’ but isn’t that the point? If you take anything away from this novel, it is to be aware of your body and what YOUR body needs.

I left this book behind while I was overseas in a household of alternative lifestyle friends. I think the next reader will pull useful things from it.

Pan Macmillan | 1st January 2018 | AU$29.99 | paperback

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