Review: Laura Greaves – Miracle Mutts

Miracle Mutts
Laura Greaves

“Heartwarming stories of dogs that survived – and thrived – against the odds. It’s no secret that dogs have indomitable spirits, that they’re tireless workers and have boundless energy. But it’s when everything seems hopeless that their grit and determination really shines through. Whether sick or injured, lost or abandoned, recovering from cruelty or neglect, it’s the underdogs of the world who have the most to teach us.”

Wow, I actually also learnt some things from this novel! Did you know that there is such a thing as a ‘Bali dog’ type? And that sadly, they’re interbreeding with common imported dogs, so the breed is being lost. Also, that they eat dog (which I don’t have a problem with) but that some people think that they taste better after the dog has been tortured? Anyway, there were some cool facts and there was certainly a swing to also educate the reader about different dog breeds and their misconceptions.

The author truly cares for dogs and it’s apparent throughout the book that she would do anything for them. The people described in the novel with their animals also show that characteristic. Some of the dogs come from some really horrible abusive circumstances, and yet they are able to rise over it.

Do you have a dog-lover in your house? Are you looking for a novel Christmas present for them? This would be the perfect book for them. These inspiring stories have dogs at the heart.

Penguin Random House | 5th November 2019 | AU$34.99 | paperback

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