Review: Anna Blackie – How to Adult

How to Adult
Anna Blackie

“This is the ultimate guide to all of the things a fully functioning adult should know to survive in the big scary world. Packed with sage advice from a real-life hopeless millennial, this book will keep you from starvation, make folding fitted sheets a reality, and teach you to look like a real professional adult when you’re actually just an incompetent trash human. Adulting goals AF.”

It’s really sad that some people need this book to function. Google has (almost) all the answers after all. This is a very accessible book, but I would hope that most people are past the level of knowledge offered here. If you’re not sure how to boil an egg or something, wouldn’t you just google it?

I’m not sure that this book is going to help you ‘not [be] a trash human’. I’m pretty sure you can be a horrible person and also still master the basics of becoming an adult.

The most entertaining part of this book is the chapter headings eg. “Budgeting: Because lottery tickets are not a financial plan”! Yes, this is true, and some people might need this. If anything, I think the most important part of this novel is about money. It’s hard to find a reputable source out there about money, and I don’t think nearly enough teaching about money is done in schools / by parents. If you only read one chapter, let it be that one.

I’d buy this as a tongue in cheek book for someone who is really well put together, or unironically for someone really derpy in my life. Maybe as an 18th birthday gift? There’s nothing like this book, but I’m not sure that it was really a gap that needed to be filled in this way, at least.

Allen & Unwin | 7th January 2020 | AU$24.99 | hardcover

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