Review: Diana Wright with Dr. Bernie Decoke – Too Damn Dumb to Think (N)

Too Damn Dumb to Think

Diana Wright with Dr. Bernie Decoke

Diana Wright’s founded a medical device manufacturing company after getting started in the work force sewing pig tissue into heart valves. She modified the orifice of the valve using engineering concepts. The book touches on the key moments through her life that were critical to forming her value and belief systems. The book itself only touches the surface of how Diana founded her company. There is a much larger focus on the self-discovery that occurs during her husbands attempts to take over her company, her self-realisation of personal preferences, and hospitilisation/rehabilitation from a sudden protracted illness. As well as how these events changed how Diana prioritised events in her life.

That self-discovery has Diana forging and growing beyond the company that she built and changing her mindset following being hospitalised to pursue exactly what she wants both personally and professionally. I do admire her stubbornness to protect her kids, it comes out that she has separated from her husband to prevent them being hurt by a parental figure as she was. The commitment she demonstrates to asking herself the hard questions even when it hurts was incredible to read. It served as a reminder that just because something feels wonderful in intervals does not mean it’s what you need. And that even people that love you may be more in love with the idea of loving you than the reality of making it work.

Overall, it was an enjoyable read, to see how another person learnt and grew through hardship. There were moments where you could feel the heartbreak and pain. It easy to say as an outsider that of course someone should give up on something that causes so much confusion or walk away from someone who wouldn’t just commit. That said it takes amazing courage and strength to be the one to decide. Particularly as people can only control what they fell. You can never control how another person is going to response to anything. Accepting that can be one of the hardest lessons but reading Diana’s journey was heart wrenching but satisfying in the closure from her experiences.

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