Review: Kay Kerr – Love & Autism

Love & Autism
Kay Kerr

“‘Love has always intrigued me, in part because I have carried for a long time a feeling that I am doing love wrong.’ Through the intimate writing of critically-acclaimed autistic author Kay Kerr, Love & Autism presents an uplifting celebration of neurodivergent love, the search for it and a deeper look into the lives of autistic Australians.”

What’s unique about this book? It has multiple, nuanced perspectives of people with autism in Australia. What are the strengths and weaknesses of autistic people when it comes to love? It turns out – a lot of things. The most important part for me was how each of these people learnt to love themselves, even despite or because of loving others. It’s not just romantic love, it’s also love for a family and a friend. Love is diverse, just as autism is diverse.

If you don’t identify as autistic but perhaps have autistic tendencies this may be a confronting read. The author states that it’s actually quite rude to say that ‘you’re on the spectrum’ if you aren’t actually diagnosed, but that doesn’t mean that it’s wrong for some of what you read about to resonate with you.

I never did finish reading ‘Please Don’t Hug Me’ (I received an ARC eBook) because I hate eBooks. … I have to admit that I read Love & Autism as an ebook! I was scrolling through my Borrow Box from my local library and it turns out that it’s diversity month or something. This caused me to stumble onto this, and a couple of other non-fiction in this genre.

I’m really enjoying non-fiction at the moment, so expect a few more reviews from me. It’s strange because I’ve always been a fiction/fantasy reader because I’d rather not know about what bad things are happening around me in the real world. Maybe it’s time to strike a happy medium? I at least know that the ‘main character’ will survive if the author is alive!

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