Review: Gary Vaynerchuk – Twelve and a Half (S)

Twelve and a Half
Leveraging the Emotional Ingredients Necessary for Business Success
Gary Vaynerchuk

“In his sixth business book, bestselling author, entrepreneur, and investor Gary Vaynerchuk explores the twelve essential emotional skills that are integral to his life—and business—success and provides today’s (and tomorrow’s) leaders with critical tools to acquire and develop these traits. This iconoclastic book will help you refine your ingredients and improve your leadership capabilities. When implemented in the proper situation, these ingredients can help leaders land promotions, retain core employees, move faster than competitors, win the loyalty of customers, and build successful organizations that last.”

This book landed in my life at the right moment. It’s not often that a book resonates with you to such a degree, but this one certainly did. I found myself wholeheartedly agreeing with every word, making it a truly outstanding read. The author delves into the realms of not just becoming a better manager or leader, but also provides invaluable insights into the complex terrain of navigating the workplace and climbing the corporate ladder. It sets a high bar for what a successful workplace should resemble while delivering some much-needed tough love to readers.

One of the book’s great strengths lies in the author’s ability to seamlessly blend personal anecdotes and engaging storytelling with practical advice. He draws from his own experiences and lessons learned to illustrate how the twelve and a half emotional ingredients he outlines can be cultivated by anyone to surmount challenges and attain their aspirations.

At the start I found the book to be good, but I didn’t anticipate rereading it. However, as I progressed, my perspective shifted. By the halfway point, I was already planning to revisit it in a few years, and by the end, I felt compelled to start reading it all over again.

What truly sets this book apart is the relatable scenarios it presents. As I encountered each one, I couldn’t help but think, “Yes, I’ve been there,” and the content remained entirely relevant throughout. The book excels in explaining these emotional traits and providing a roadmap for acquiring them.

“Twelve and a Half” is incredibly inspiring and uplifting. It has a remarkable ability to lift your spirits and significantly contributed to improving my state of mind at the time I read it. I wholeheartedly recommend this book to anyone seeking personal growth and achievement. This book is captivating, instructive, and eye-opening, making it a must-read for managers, entrepreneurs, and anyone interested in harnessing their emotions as a powerful tool for achieving success in the business world. The insights are a valuable resource that should not be missed! 5 stars.

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