Review: Kim Lock – The Three of Us

The Three of Us
Kim Lock

Elsie isn’t quite satisfied with the life of a 1960s housewife – there’s only so many times she can wash the sheets and try to make food from her Women’s Weekly cookbook. Her husband Thomas keeps himself busy at work, and Elsie is lonely enough to approach the quiet stranger next door. Aida is unmarried and confined to her house for the next nine months, determined to keep to herself.

I really enjoyed this novel because it portrays life as a polyamory thruple that isn’t just about having mind-blowing and random sex all the time! Instead, it delicately probes what it looks like to be in a committed relationship with more than two people. I was plesently surprised by the whole book.

I dealt with the multiple perspectives quite well, even if I didn’t quite ever connect with Thomas. Thomas has two women – which is something that most men would say they wanted – but he’s a perfect gentleman about the whole thing. The framing of the novel is a little odd, and to my mind unecessary. It was quite clear to me what would happen, the only surprise was the, well, if I told you, it wouldn’t be a surprise!

I had never read anything by Kim Lock, but maybe I should go and seek out a few more of her novels if they all have this beautiful relationship aspect. I was very impressed and surprised to find it from an Australian author. Although I used to hate Australian fiction for being dry and boring (like our weather!), newer authors are changing my mind. Amazing stuff.

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