Review – Lauren Roberts – Powerless

Lauren Roberts

Paedyn Gray is not only a thief, she’s also an Ordinary. Having no gift is a fate punishable with death and banishment of any hiding her. Paedyn has been trained as a psychic to cover her Ordinary-ness but also has a dab hand at fighting. She usually tries to stay out of trouble but unwittingly saves one of the Princes and finds herself battling for her life in the Purging Trials…

Sooo, it’s kind of like Hunger Games but a little less predictable because it’s not always obvious who needs to be the survivor, and who is going to win. I enjoyed the various powers that Kai got to play with, and I think more could have been done with it. Also, as if you’d fall for the illusionist twice…

The romance scenes were completely cringe-worthy. I found myself skipping over them and hoping I wasn’t missing important story details. Of course, #enemiestolovers trope is a thing, but can’t we have a book or two that is just epic battles? My dissatisfaction with this type of thing is entirely the fault of Fourth Wing. At least there’s no sex?

I don’t think this book is remarkable enough for me to recommend to other readers, but it’s also not terrible. Maybe when you’ve read as many books as I have, it’s all too predictable? That sounds very full of myself, but I’ve read A LOT of books recently that I just haven’t reviewed. This could be a book for you if you enjoy #friendstolovers, #lovetriangle and #awkwardlove. Just don’t go looking for any deeper meaning.

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