Review: Anthony Horowitz – Scorpia

Anthony Horowitz

Alex Rider is a teenage spy. This time he has to choose between good and evil – but the line isn’t clear-cut and he has no idea what to do. Even if you haven’t read the other books, the beginning is good, as it quickly recapped what happened in the last book. Hit the jump for more…

542414The explanation of Alex’s father fits in with the fourth book, and if you hadn’t read it recently you might forget the significance. It’s absolutely a convoluted plot that even the audience doesn’t see coming – neither does Alex. just as you think the end is approaching, you note that the book still has a bunch of pages yet, and you know that Alex has to do something quickly to save himself!

I noticed similarities to the Bond movies/books again, but this time Horowitz acknowledges them. Alex is left without any particular gadgets this time, and so it is far more interesting to see what Scorpia equips him with. It’s amazing what you can do when you’re evil! Also, this book has more about fantastic disguises than gadgets.

The ending is shocking. If you didn’t know there were more books in the series, you’d be horrified! As it is, the ending is in clear, painful narration that makes the reader want to shout ‘No!’ but there is nothing they can do. Horowitz keeps the reader in his tight grasp the whole time.

This is mainly done by the compelling plot and narration, and also the character of Alex. Alex is well drawn, and again you can see the character development. Overall an enjoyable book. I’m going to hate reaching the end of the novel I own, and will be dying to pick up the new ones in the shops! But not for another couple of reviews sadly.

This novel is again more bloody than the last, and I’d start recommending it only for very mature children, and probably teens only.

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