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Mercedes Lackey

Mags is moving up in the world. He is apprenticed to the King’s Own, and seems to be getting somewhere with catching up on his studies. Of course, that all comes crashing down as the Colligium heats up for the summer. I found it to be disappointing, but feel free to come to your own opinions. Hit the jump for more…

17018909This novel initially focuses on Kirball, which is something I actually enjoy. It’s good to see the Greys doing something other than book work! It wraps up nicely after the previous book, where Dallen has been injured and is unable to play. The novel quickly progresses to using Mags’ talents at analyzing ‘sparklies’. The novel’s progression again reminds me of ‘Take a Thief’, but it’s still nice to get some insight into the beginnings of the Collegium.

What was disappointing was that I knew how to pairings would work Bear and Lena, Mags and Amily. It was just a little too clear cut and obvious. I always thought I knew that Amily would end up being the Herald Chronicler – how could she not? The Dean of Heralds is going on about how his office is full of books, and the archives are poor, so there is a place for her, crippled as she is. I’m somewhat disappointed that the novel isn’t conclusive like I had hoped – it’s not a trilogy at all! It lied to me!

The novel doesn’t seem to have any relation to ‘Changes’ that I can see. I’m feeling very disillusioned abotu it at the moment, it’s just not as good as other Valdemar novels I have read by her. I was looking forward to reading it, and reaching a conclusion. Oh Lackey, why did you have to trade from your trilogies? I feel like the action in the second book could have been condensed more, and I could have had more meat in the second!

Another problem I have is that there are multiple typos in it. It feels rushed. Maybe Lackey or her editor didn’t reread her work? There’s one spot where it reads ‘Hera;ds’. It’s such an easy mistake to fix!

If you’re a hard-core Lackey fan, it’s worth reading. If you’re looking for something to introduce you into her finest work, this isn’t it. Please, if you read this set of books, and find you hate them, please don’t give up on Lackey. I promise there are other books by her out there that are so much better. It was ok to read, it did grab me, but it just wasn’t satisfying. Lackey, I’m disappointed.

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